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Iggy didn't bother to wipe the tears that streamed down his face,though he didn't see it he was told by the others something that killed him inside. Max had kissed Fang. He thought he was about to die;his chest was tightened,his eyes were burning, and his throat was clogged. As he cried he noticed he was getting to loud and decided to quiet down a bit in case someone came by the room especially Fang.
When he woke up that morning he felt like shit; his head hurt, his eyes blurred, and his throat was horse. He walked into the kitchen ready to prepare breakfest when he heard giggling from the others.
Nudge came up to Iggy and whispered in his ears,"I know you can't see but you look horrible this morning."
Then he heard Max say he looked just like a crack head. Iggy couldn't help but blush and think how he looked to Fang; anger boiled up inside of him and he yelled at Max," Listen I may not be able to see,but I pretty sure I can hear pretty damn well."
He walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door and left out of the front door,he then spread his wings and took off. A few hours later the group got worried and sent Fang to go look for him.
He set off not a moment later than he was told; he flew low near the trees,and began shouting Iggy's name. About an hour later he got a response back but it was weak,he flew lower until his feet touched the ground and continued calling Iggy's name.
A response was found and he followed only see Iggy lying on the ground,slouched against a tree, and his hand was pressed against his side covered in blood.

He quickly ran over to the injured boy,"How the hell did this happen,"he questioned as he removed the boys hand to look at the wound.It was a bullet wound.
"I guess a couple hunters were out and thought i was prey,"Iggy said and then added with a smile,"I do have to complement them on their aim though."
"Take off your shirt,"the other said his voice had a hint of anger in it.
Iggy blushed, it didn't matter what the situation was right now he was just so happy to here those words that he never imagined to hear.
Fang go to tired of waiting for the so started to strip Iggy himself.
"W-what are you doing!"Iggy asked his voice turning into a high pitch.
"You were to slow,"Fang answered back as he took his own shirt off,and tear it so he could wrap it around Iggy's wound.

Iggy blushed at the sight in front of him and tilted his head downwards.He mumbled something under his breath to Fang.Fang chuckled,"Your welcome idiot."

"How bad do I look right now,"Iggy asked as he scooted closer to Fang who had just sat down.
Fang looked at Iggy's face,brushed a hand against Iggy's face moving his hair out of his eye, and kissed his forehead.
"Trust me makes looks worse,"he said grinning as he saw the blush that crept on Iggy's face.

"...Do me," Iggy questioned his crush in a whisper.
"Do I what?,"Fang asked.
Iggy looked Fang dead in the face, he needed to know if Fang liked him or not,"Do you like me."
Fang smiled a sheepish smile,"I do."He couldn't say anymore than that, he was scared if he continued he would just dig a hole for himself.

"I-I thought you liked Max,"Iggy said wanting to make sure that what he's hearing is true.
"No,it's been you this whole time,"Fang looked at Iggy to see him blushing bright red,"and it will always be you Iggy."

Iggy moved his hand towards Fang's face and touched the other's lips. He kept them there and moved his lips closer until his touched Fang's.

Fang responded quickly and moved his lips in sync with Iggy. It was a soft,gentle kiss one that you think would only happy in dreams,and trust me this was a dream come true for both boys.

Iggy removed his lips from Fang's;his lips felt cold once the warmth of Fang's were removed.
"I love you, Fang."
After hearing about Fang and Max's kiss Iggy runs into his room crying. In the morning he hears snickers and remarks from the flock insulting him. He flys away out of anger and embaressment.It's now up to a certain Raven haired boy to comfort him.

This is not a one shot it's just the beginning. I'm going into detail about their future relationship in later chapters
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